Info about the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

(Submitted by Mohammed Mawlana.)

OIQ LogoThe mission of an association of professional engineers, such as the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), is to ensure the protection of the public by supervising the practice of the engineering profession within the framework of its constituent laws and to ensure that the profession serves the public interest. In Québec, having a university degree in engineering is enough for you to be legally allowed to practice engineering. In fact, only those who have an engineer’s permit and are registered on the roll of the OIQ may use the title of engineer. Therefore, students of building engineering who want to practice in Québec must first become a member of the OIQ. 

During your undergraduate studies, you can become a student member of the OIQ by filling out an online application. And guess what? It’s free! To qualify, you must have completed 30 or more undergraduate credits in engineering. By signing up, you become eligible for the OIQ’s Student Award of Merit. This academic year, the OIQ will award three prizes attesting to the pursuit of excellence by students. The first prize will be for $7,500, the second for $5,000, and the third for $3,000. You can find the eligibility and requirements to apply for the award on the OIQ website. Applications will be accepted until 4pm on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Once you have been awarded a Barchelor’s Degree in Engineering from a Québec University in a program accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board CEAB, you may apply for a Junior Engineer’s permit from the OIQ. The required documents and fee schedule for obtaining the permit can be found on the OIQ website.

Some of you may ask, “Is the building engineering program at Concordia accredited by the CEAB?” The answer would be “Yes, since 1982.” Obtaining a degree that is accredited by the CEAB has several advantages. One main advantage is that your degree is recognized by professional engineering associations in the rest of Canada, the United States, England, France, and other countries that are part of the Washington Accord. If you are planning on practicing as an engineer in another province of Canada, you need to check the requirements and eligibility of the professional engineering association of that province. A list of the professional engineering associations of Canada can be found on Engineers Canada website.

Every engineering school and faculty in Québec has a representative whose role it is to serve as a liaison between the OIQ and engineering students and professors. Whether it is a professor or the Vice-President of External Affairs of your student association, these on-site representatives can help answer your questions and keep you up to date on the latest information of interest to students. Concordia’s representatives are listed below.



Professor representative of the Order

Dr. Radu Zmeureanu, Eng.
Tel.: 514 848-2424, poste 3203 


Vice-president of external affairs, Engineering and Computer Science Association

Sebastian Arjona Mesa 
Tel.: 514 848-2424, ext. 7408

For more information, check out the OIQ’s website.