What is CUBES?

The Concordia University Building Engineering Society was founded in order to represent the undergraduate students who are studying building engineering at Concordia University. As a member society of the Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA), CUBES has access to all the resources that it needs in order to thrive as a student organization.

We are here for YOU! All our funds go to organizing the events and workshops YOU need! We organize:

-ASP courses (health and Safety on the Construction Site) covering a portion of the student’s fees;
-Engineering Design Competitions, where you can have a hands on experience on designing and problem-solving.
-Wine and Cheeses with special guests and possible recruiters!
-Weekly meetings; ALL are Welcome !
-Engineer’s meetings and outings like going for a drink or days out at a park;
-Volunteering Opportunities
-Books to read or borrow during our office hours
-Elections, etc.

Our main goal is to bring together the Building Engineers at Concordia, so if you’re a building engineering student, join us at our weekly meetings on Friday @ 3:00PM and bring in any ideas you would like to have with CUBES, after all we are here for YOU!

Stay tuned by Liking our facebook page @ facebook.com/Cubes.Eca