The CUBES Executive

2016—2017 Executives

Role Name email

Sarah Clark & Phoebe Cullingham

VP Communications

Eloi d’Herbecourt

VP Finance

Vishal Rana

VP Social

Anthonny Bélanger

VP Marketing Rachelle Morin Demers
VP Academic

Samuel Evan Shulman

Gabriel Thibault
Director Joseph Edny Bruny, Akeen Kidder-Alexander & Michael Raffoul

Description of Executive Positions


  • To chair the council’s meetings and provide agendas to all attending.
  • To be chairperson at general assemblies.
  • To be cosignatory of all cheques.
  • To be cosignatory of the CUBES Annual Budget Report along with the VP Finance.
  • To oversee and delegate responsibilities.
  • To help organize activities and give advice.
  • To conduct CUBES meetings on a regular basis
  • To attend ECA council meetings and report to the CUBES committee.


  • Take minutes during council meetings.
  • To be in charge of communication within the members.
  • To be in charge of booking any required room for CUBES events.
  • To be in charge of maintaining member e-mail lists.
  • To be responsible of handling CUBES membership lists.
  • To be in charge of the CUBES Council’s public relations with external organizations.
  • To participate in external contacts when appropriate.
  • To represent CUBES in any external business.
  • To organize promotional activities such as plant tours.
  • To acquire funds for CUBES purposes (sponsorships and grants for the CUBES)
  • To be in charge of contacts with companies and professionals.


  • To be in charge of the financial administration of the organization.
  • To make the chapters financial records available for inspection upon request of the ECA council, Faculty advisor or the CUBES Executive Council.
  • To prepare the Annual Budget Report at the end of each fiscal year and to present it to the ECA Council.
  • To be an obligatory cosignatory of all cheques with the President.
  • To be cosignatory of the Annual Budget Report with the President.

VP Marketing

  • To find new and original ways to market and promote the CUBES’ name inside and outside the realm of the University; this entails assisting the VP Communications and Academic on all promotions and all forms of publications.
  • To be responsible for maintaining and designing of CUBES related advertising media templates.


  • To organize and coordinate social events for CUBES in order to enhance student social life.
  • To find new and original ways to increase student membership and involvement in CUBES.


  • To organize and coordinate academic events for CUBES in order to enhance student academic life.
  • To find new and original ways to help create a link between academic life and the engineering industry through exposure to professional engineers.


  • To be in charge of designing and maintaining the CUBES website.
  • To be in charge of supporting all computer needs.
  • To be in charge of videotaping and taking pictures of all CUBES activities.


  • Help and assist the needs along with the different requirements of other VP executives
  • Attends all the meetings


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